Last night’s Archer episode, “Viscous Coupling,” played
on the ideals of Valentine’s Day. 
Archer realizes its Valentine’s Day, and he is quickly upset when he
finds that everyone in the office has a date. Archer realizes he is the only one who
will be alone when he finds that even Krieger (the mad scientist) has a date
(albeit is a ‘virtual girlfriend’). 
He attempts to rekindle things with former girlfriend and current spy
Lana, he “pours” his heart out for her and tries to show that he is a “changed
man,” that is until he receives a call from another former girlfriend (Katya)
and he leaves immediately to be with her. 
    This episode has been one of the most vulgar episodes
of Archer ever made.  The show
keyed on each characters’ unique personality and has a romantic relationship
that fits each person.  Also the
show touched on the fact that several members of ISIS are fans of a new obscure
genre of porn.
    Archer races to be with Katya, and soon finds out that he cannot
“be” with her because she wants Archer to bring her cyborg boyfriend, Barry,
back from space.  Archer agrees to
help, while he actually is scheming to break the couple up so that he can get
what he wants.  Hilarity ensues
when Archer convince Krieger to help build Barry a rocket that would return him
to earth, with the promise that a cyborg fight would ensue. 
Krieger adds more comedy to the situation by psychoanalyzing Archer.  Archer’s character takes everything to
the extreme, so it was great to see a character call him out on his behaviors,
such as, alcoholism, his egotistical tendencies and that Archer must always
sleep with other people’s girlfriends.  

     A great turning point in the episode is when Archer realizes he has been played by
Katya, and he was only needed to bring Barry back from outer space. 
This is great because even the super spy Sterling Archer can’t find a
last second date on Valentine’s Day.  Furthermore, this brings Archer’s arch
nemesis, Barry the Cyborg, back into the series.  This will create many more action
oriented episodes as all Barry wishes to achieve is killing Archer. 
To further the plot of the show, Agent Ray Gillette received robotic legs
which promise that a cyborg fight is coming.

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