This was an Awesome episode. I really enjoyed all of the themes that were visited during the episode.  For instance, Archer's reoccurring obsession with his mother, alcoholic party boy mentality, womanizing, and super spy skills were demonstrated. 
    Archer catches grief for making huge purchases on his "mission expense" report. He is told if he doesn't come up with the money he is going to be killed. Archer  tries sweet talking all of the department heads to move money around; he even dates as an attempt to fix it. 
    A mole is exposed when Archer makes up a lie as his cover story. In the end, there is a "Mexican stand-off." The mole says he is going to blow Archer's mother's brains out and describes killing her. Lana, Archer's "hostage" exclaims "why do you have an erection?!" at which point, the mole steps out from behind Malory and Archer unloads on him. Archer ends with him saying, "I'm sorry mom, only half of me wanted to see you die."

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