This episode of Archer discusses Archer’s growing
  relationship with his new stepfather. 
It is very interesting because they haven’t really appeared together in
episodes before, yet, Archer has demonstrated an intense hatred for the
man.  This episode was obviously
used just to build a back story for Sterling and Ron, however, it was done in a
very funny manner.  If it weren’t
for Archer and Ron running from a group of truckers dressed in women’s lingerie
the episode would’ve been the worst episode I have ever seen.

With that being said the episode contained shootouts with
  mobsters and a constant flight from thugs as they try to safely make it back to
  New York.  Ron is smuggling a huge
amount of cash and Archer tries to act like he is not impressed. 
What actually happens is that Archer and Ron have a bonding moment on the
trip and become great friends. 
This will create animosity with his mother as she is domineering and
attempts to control all relationships. 
This new relationship will undoubtedly create a huge headache for
Malory.  This is obvious because
Ron and Archer have similar personalities: they both get into trouble, drink too
much and like fast cars. Archer has
lots of fighting skills that Ron does not have and Ron used it to his advantage
as they were fleeing.  I really hope that they incorporate this new friendship into later episodes.  I think a pair of Ron and Archer could really foil some of Malory's corrupted plans.


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