This episode shows Malory using her position of power to make her life better... again. She claims that there is a threat on the Albanian prime minister and the world will go into chaos if he dies. 
    Archer and company pose as cooks at the high-end restaurant that the prime minister will be dining in one evening. Everything goes well until the end, when the celebrity chef kills the prime minister and then escapes. We learned that there was a three month wait to eat at the restaurant, so the threat was never made against the prime minister. Also, Barry, the cyborg, contracted the sanction in a further attempt to destroy ISIS's reputation.
    I am beginning to get bored with Malory always using her position for her own personal gain. It is a reoccurring theme to poke fun at politicians.
    Bringing back Barry the cyborg was interesting, but he only appeared for roughly 20 seconds. I expect to see more of him, but hopefully longer next time. Also, it was a shame to see Anthony Bourdain's character killed off so quickly because he was one of the better guest character's the show has had.

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