This episode played off of the common theme that Malory is always looking out of her own agenda, in this case, getting money to redecorate her office.
    She sends her son to stop a "coyote" from entering the U.S. through the Mexican border. Archer is dead set on stopping the smuggler, until he sees that the smuggler is a gorgeous woman. He then rushes to her aid and stops Lana from shooting her. By making the distraction, the real coyote and a convoy make it in and Malory is paid.
    The episode touched on racial issues mainly those concerning the Hispanic population. It pokes fun at smuggling, but in the end, when drugs make it into the United States, it is shown as a real issue.
    However, Archer did make a statement when in a car full of illegal immigrants, he said they are "just a bunch of little brown people; what's not to like?"

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