This episode of Archer discusses Archer’s growing
  relationship with his new stepfather. 
It is very interesting because they haven’t really appeared together in
episodes before, yet, Archer has demonstrated an intense hatred for the
man.  This episode was obviously
used just to build a back story for Sterling and Ron, however, it was done in a
very funny manner.  If it weren’t
for Archer and Ron running from a group of truckers dressed in women’s lingerie
the episode would’ve been the worst episode I have ever seen.

With that being said the episode contained shootouts with
  mobsters and a constant flight from thugs as they try to safely make it back to
  New York.  Ron is smuggling a huge
amount of cash and Archer tries to act like he is not impressed. 
What actually happens is that Archer and Ron have a bonding moment on the
trip and become great friends. 
This will create animosity with his mother as she is domineering and
attempts to control all relationships. 
This new relationship will undoubtedly create a huge headache for
Malory.  This is obvious because
Ron and Archer have similar personalities: they both get into trouble, drink too
much and like fast cars. Archer has
lots of fighting skills that Ron does not have and Ron used it to his advantage
as they were fleeing.  I really hope that they incorporate this new friendship into later episodes.  I think a pair of Ron and Archer could really foil some of Malory's corrupted plans.

    This episode shows Malory using her position of power to make her life better... again. She claims that there is a threat on the Albanian prime minister and the world will go into chaos if he dies. 
    Archer and company pose as cooks at the high-end restaurant that the prime minister will be dining in one evening. Everything goes well until the end, when the celebrity chef kills the prime minister and then escapes. We learned that there was a three month wait to eat at the restaurant, so the threat was never made against the prime minister. Also, Barry, the cyborg, contracted the sanction in a further attempt to destroy ISIS's reputation.
    I am beginning to get bored with Malory always using her position for her own personal gain. It is a reoccurring theme to poke fun at politicians.
    Bringing back Barry the cyborg was interesting, but he only appeared for roughly 20 seconds. I expect to see more of him, but hopefully longer next time. Also, it was a shame to see Anthony Bourdain's character killed off so quickly because he was one of the better guest character's the show has had.
This episode played off of the common theme that Malory is always looking out of her own agenda, in this case, getting money to redecorate her office.
    She sends her son to stop a "coyote" from entering the U.S. through the Mexican border. Archer is dead set on stopping the smuggler, until he sees that the smuggler is a gorgeous woman. He then rushes to her aid and stops Lana from shooting her. By making the distraction, the real coyote and a convoy make it in and Malory is paid.
    The episode touched on racial issues mainly those concerning the Hispanic population. It pokes fun at smuggling, but in the end, when drugs make it into the United States, it is shown as a real issue.
    However, Archer did make a statement when in a car full of illegal immigrants, he said they are "just a bunch of little brown people; what's not to like?"
    This was an Awesome episode. I really enjoyed all of the themes that were visited during the episode.  For instance, Archer's reoccurring obsession with his mother, alcoholic party boy mentality, womanizing, and super spy skills were demonstrated. 
    Archer catches grief for making huge purchases on his "mission expense" report. He is told if he doesn't come up with the money he is going to be killed. Archer  tries sweet talking all of the department heads to move money around; he even dates as an attempt to fix it. 
    A mole is exposed when Archer makes up a lie as his cover story. In the end, there is a "Mexican stand-off." The mole says he is going to blow Archer's mother's brains out and describes killing her. Lana, Archer's "hostage" exclaims "why do you have an erection?!" at which point, the mole steps out from behind Malory and Archer unloads on him. Archer ends with him saying, "I'm sorry mom, only half of me wanted to see you die."
    Last night’s Archer episode, “Viscous Coupling,” played
on the ideals of Valentine’s Day. 
Archer realizes its Valentine’s Day, and he is quickly upset when he
finds that everyone in the office has a date. Archer realizes he is the only one who
will be alone when he finds that even Krieger (the mad scientist) has a date
(albeit is a ‘virtual girlfriend’). 
He attempts to rekindle things with former girlfriend and current spy
Lana, he “pours” his heart out for her and tries to show that he is a “changed
man,” that is until he receives a call from another former girlfriend (Katya)
and he leaves immediately to be with her. 
    This episode has been one of the most vulgar episodes
of Archer ever made.  The show
keyed on each characters’ unique personality and has a romantic relationship
that fits each person.  Also the
show touched on the fact that several members of ISIS are fans of a new obscure
genre of porn.
    Archer races to be with Katya, and soon finds out that he cannot
“be” with her because she wants Archer to bring her cyborg boyfriend, Barry,
back from space.  Archer agrees to
help, while he actually is scheming to break the couple up so that he can get
what he wants.  Hilarity ensues
when Archer convince Krieger to help build Barry a rocket that would return him
to earth, with the promise that a cyborg fight would ensue. 
Krieger adds more comedy to the situation by psychoanalyzing Archer.  Archer’s character takes everything to
the extreme, so it was great to see a character call him out on his behaviors,
such as, alcoholism, his egotistical tendencies and that Archer must always
sleep with other people’s girlfriends.  

     A great turning point in the episode is when Archer realizes he has been played by
Katya, and he was only needed to bring Barry back from outer space. 
This is great because even the super spy Sterling Archer can’t find a
last second date on Valentine’s Day.  Furthermore, this brings Archer’s arch
nemesis, Barry the Cyborg, back into the series.  This will create many more action
oriented episodes as all Barry wishes to achieve is killing Archer. 
To further the plot of the show, Agent Ray Gillette received robotic legs
which promise that a cyborg fight is coming.


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